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How wonderful life is while you're in the world

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Sporadically F.O. since March 30th, 2005 [Friday
January 1st † 2010
[ mood | good ]

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Kinney! [Thursday
September 13th † 2007

Kinney's Dogster
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Kinney [Sunday
September 2nd † 2007
Well, we have a new addition to the family. There was a stray pit bull in our neighborhood that Jesse and I saw last night after a late trip to wal-mart. Ever since we've been trying to get her in our house. Tonight we finally succeeded with help from our faithful dog Rae. And we named her Kinney. Its want I've been planning to name our first pit bull.

Her and Rae clicked right away and started playing and running around the house. It adorable. Kinney is the perfect little dog. She's sweet, playful, and great with Rae. All I could of asked for. Oh, and on top of that she's gorgeous.

We're guessing she's probably 6 months to a year old. She's a little skinny so we'll be working on fattening her up. Now we're off to get her a collar and all that jazz. :D
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80s Zebra [Sunday
August 26th † 2007
A graphic I created to use in a client's flyer...hey, he asked for 80s

In other news, Jesse has been able to come to school after all. We got everything sorted out.

Also I've updated my LJ layout to more reflect my website: www.CiaraDugas.com which I have also updated. Its not up yet, just a new "coming soon" page and a shiny contact form. Ooooo. Drop me a line :)
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August 1st † 2007
[ mood | disappointed ]

Today we found out that Jesse's most likely not going to be able to attend UL this semester...the reason being that his stuff for financial aid isn't going to be in on time because UL wasn't on the ball. He handed in all he stuff a month ago and just today they told us, only after Jesse calling them over and over and finally going up there, that there is a discrepancy in his tax form (which is just a dumb mistake Jesse's tax guy made) and that he has to fill out a tax amendment form or something. Well, it could take up to 90 days for that form to process and tuition is due next week. So...it's prolly not going to happen. We don't have $1700 lying around. I am so pissed and sad about this and so is Jesse.

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July 28th † 2007
Last night Jesse and I saw Kathy Griffin at the Heymann Center. I LOVE HER! And for those of you who think shes hot, shes even hotter in person. Made me wanna go lesbo. mmmmmmmmm

But she was of course hilarious. I think she made me evolve into a super-fan. I need a t-shirt.

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July 17th † 2007
Jesse and I were planning on exploring that "America's Incredible Pizza Company" that opened up around here tonight, but, after putting all rumors to rest that they are a christian organization in disguise, we've decided not to.

For one thing, they have a slightly inconspicuous jesus fish in their logo:

See it? Look at the bottom.

The final straw was this crap on their website:

Through all the growth and success, Rick, Cheryl and their Incredible management team have focused clearly on their Mission Statement and Family Values, plus the goal of donating millions of dollars to Christian missionary groups.

America's Incredible Pizza Company Mission Statement

* We choose to manage our business according to God’s principles.
* The vision of our company is for our customers and employees to have “fun.”
* We want to achieve quality in food and service through employee training, attitude, pride and appreciation. We want to provide an atmosphere where our employees can learn and grow through our “Family Values.” (below)
* We want our work to be an adventure, done in a spirit of cooperation and fun. In doing this, our goal is to build relationships within our staff, our customers and our vendors.
* We want to be actively involved with the children in our community and to be a positive influence in their lives.

Family Values

* To always speak positively and encourage each other with mutual respect.
* To be prompt, appropriately dressed and practice good personal hygiene.
* To be loyal, honest, trustworthy and friendly.
* To always work safely, watching out for others as well as ourselves.
* To always work as a team, serving each other and helping wherever needed.
* To approach change with excitement and a teachable spirit, knowing that we are constantly improving everything we do.

Nice concept for an entertainment business; horrible execution.
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June 19th † 2007
I want SO MANY books from amazon!

My Amazon.com Wish List
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June 10th † 2007
Jesse and I's bikes were stolen. It happened sometime between today and Thursday... I don't really mind that mine was stolen. It was old and I already had a new one (which wasn't stolen), but Jesse's was an extemely nice mountain bike (msrp $900) which he loved.

They were behind a tree under a tarp. WTF They just came in our yard and took them. We're in the process of filing a police report and such. I wonder if we'll ever see them again. I hope so cause I would like to go on a bike ride together again.
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May 27th † 2007
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May 15th † 2007
Jesse is on his way here and he never has to leave again. No more goodbyes and I'll finally have my partner in crime to always be by my side. He's in Texas as I post this. :)
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April 30th † 2007
I was listening to the radio today on the way home from school and I heard this song and immediately thought "They ripped off the melody from that modest mouse song." So I just found out that the song is called "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven and the Modest Mouse song I was thinking of is "Float On". I downloaded both songs and sure enough its so fucking close...

even closer than Greenday's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and Oasis's "Wonderwall"...and RHCP "Dani California" and Tom Petty's "Mary Jane".

music is so sad these days
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FYI [Sunday
April 22nd † 2007
All my posts dealing with my personal life are going under the friends only lock & key. I just don't know who could be reading this and I don't want people I don't even know knowing more about me than I do them.
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April 21st † 2007
Does anyone know what the phrase "Like a bird on a wire" means? To me it means someone who lives on the edge and takes chances but I haven't found a definitive meaning...

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April 4th † 2007
I leaving tomorrow at 6am to go visit Jesse during my spring break. I can't wait to see the mountains again and of course him! :D

Yeah, I know I so haven't put up any pictures from when he was here a few weeks ago...I only have so much non-laziness in me.
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I love it [Sunday
April 1st † 2007

And I totally relate.
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March 25th † 2007
Jesse had to go back today...It felt like he just got here. I'll put up some pictures later. I go there April 5th. I miss him.
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! [Friday
March 16th † 2007
Jesse's going to be here tonight at 10pm!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited I can barely contain myself and I can't even think about doing any school work! I'll post pics as soon as we catch up ;)
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I have concluded [Sunday
March 4th † 2007
I heart the internets.
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Dog Park in Lafayette [Friday
March 2nd † 2007
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yeah, there is none. Thats why I made this website:


I'm trying to get one built but I need as much help as I can get. Please go sign the petition, write some letters, print/post the posters, tell your friends, anything. Dog Parks are so FUN! I've been to a few in Colorado. I'm addicted and you will be, too.

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